Lance out and about

Hey Glasgow, Scotland!! I’m coming your way tomorrow.
Who wants to go for a bike ride??

That was Lance Armstrong’s tweet (message on Twitter) and the following day (18th August) more than 200 people in Paisley had the cycling experience of their lives as they rode through town with the seven-times Tour de France winner.

A few days earlier Lance Armstrong had decided to fly to Glasgow to attend the O2 concert at Hampden Park and thought he fancied a bike ride when he was there.

When you have 1,758,670 followers on Twitter and you are sporting legend, things are bound to happen when you ask them to come for a bike ride.

Finally, his last tweet, of many, in connection with the ride was: And how great was it that the Flying Scotsman Graeme Obree came out!! Legend!

If this does not convince you of the potential for sport to use social media to engage with people, then what does?

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