New media in sport and active leisure…we must get going

SMN have just launched a new workshop called New Media and Sport. Having spoken with hundreds of people who are involved within this sector I realised that there are far too many myths and uncertainties as how to inform and engage with our audiences.

No one reads the notice boards and local newspapers are dying and at the same time there are now so many tools available, almost all of them free, that this surely must be the way forward. Being beyond my early years I am not, what they call a Digital Native, but the process of learning how to use new, digital and social media is fascinating and if I can, anyone can. The potential benefits are immense.

Let me tell you this story:

Sonya Ellis, Club and Coach Development Officer of England Athletics South West, took 40 kids to run in the London Mini-Marathon. Took loads of digital photos from this exciting day with the kids running in front of Big Ben etc.

When she came home she uploaded the pics on the club’s Facebook page. The following night I ran a workshop for the clubs in the area at Exeter Harriers and at that point 28 of the 40 kids had already been on to Facebook to view the pics. What a way to engage!

Staffordshire CSP has already booked us to run this workshop in September so I am really looking to that.

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