The online club house is here

New media is changing the way sport and leisure is able to communicate with members, customers and fans and this is now affordable and available to everyone.

Most clubs now use emails and websites to communicate with their members but far too often this is done in a haphazard way without giving proper thought to implementation and objectives.
A number of early adaptors are now beginning to use texting, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media and are experiencing great benefits. In a very short space of time you will be able to transform your club and how you communicate and spread your message to many more and many new people.
There are plenty of simple and inexpensive ways you can communicate, such as:

Regular email blasts to your database encouraging them to get engaged and connected
Use your web site to communicate information about your club or centre and use Facebook to communicate event information, photo galleries, etc. Both can work together to promote your message.
Create a channel for your club by using a flip video camera. Make two-minute videos and post them directly on; also share this link to your Facebook page (free uploads on
Use Twitter to send ‘breaking news’ or immediate updates

However, still far too many clubs, leisure centres and others involved with sport are reluctant to use new media, often due to myths and misunderstandings.

The Online Club House
Where friends, members, fans, never-beens, community, etc.

Can chat, learn, get involved,
Exactly like in a normal club house? 
But whenever and wherever they want and in much bigger numbers
The virtual club house (even for clubs which haven’t got one).
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