What future for delivery of sport and active leisure?

The way that we deliver sport and active leisure is a constantly evolving, a process which is being accelerated by the toughening economic climate, changes in people’s lifestyles, constant development in the way we use mobile and social media and the growing uncertainty in the political landscape.

Many people within the sector are unclear on how to react to the increased pressures they are facing as they have to be more accountable and results driven, communicate differently with ever-more demanding customers and somehow respond to/liaise with the many new sports deliverers from coaching agencies, NHS, community groups and commercial and social entrepreneurs.

But does this not lead to confusion in the marketplace or is competition a good thing? If little Johnny wants to play football or netball, for that matter, surely the fact that different providers are there increases the likelihood that Johnny will find something he really wants to do.
But can we afford all these different providers? If Johnny and his mates are not paying a fee which covers the cost of delivering the sessions then somebody will have to (part)fund them. And in time of austerity it is very unlikely that funding will be available to all the programmes and deliverers out there. So how do you develop a programme which attracts funding?

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