Do you engage?

It has never been easier (and less costly) for sports providers to engage and communicate with their audiences, using texts, emails and social media such as Facebook and YouTube. (You are one of 8,000 people reading this e-newsletter sent to you using a database and email programme which cost little more than £200.00).

More than 500.000 people have viewed one of the numerous videos with underwater hockey (octopussy) on YouTube – demonstrating the potential for even lesser known sports (sorry, octopussy) to spread the word and show the sport in action at almost no cost) apart from the camera.

Gentofte Volleyball Klub in Copenhagen, Denmark with 250 members quadrupled the number of visitors to their website, when they moved it to Facebook (where many of their younger members/supporters ‘live their lives’).

If you are of a disposition or a generation which is a bit baffled by all this, get some of your younger digitally savvy people to do all this for you. This is also a brilliant way of keeping people in their late teens/early twenties engaged with your club (the age with the highest dropout rate).

So you can cut the print budget and create that ‘online tribe’ where people feel they are part of your club, even when they are not there.

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