13 steps to start creating Shared Value

1. Open your minds
2. Discuss and agree what is your purpose
3. Be prepared to be challenged.
4. Be open to new skills, users/members, volunteers and partners
5. Do an audit of what you are currently doing with and for the community
6. Draw up a list of your current and potential community partners, their needs, your skills and contacts
7. Design activities around community needs
8. Identify Connectors both within and outside your club (Connectors are people who can help link up with different groups)
9. Work out how to collaborate with other groups
10. Organise the Big Launch – invite every single possible community partner both official and ‘unofficial’. Tell them about what you are currently doing, what you would like to do, what you are offering and can contribute (not what you want)
11. Take your club to your communities – demonstrations in shopping centres, parks and housing estates
12. Set up a Community Board for your club with representatives – not just VIPs but also ‘real’ people – from across the community to advise you on how best to engage and share value
13. Invite ideas and suggestions, set in action and then follow up

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