Jersey Rugby Union Club enjoying great success – how?

On Saturday Jersey RFC beat Rosslyn Park in a top of the league match in Division One (third level of rugby union in England) to go top of that league. They were promoted to that league this season, after just one season in the league below.

The gate of 3,684 was higher than the combined gate of all the other matches in the league on Saturday and 4% of the total population of the island.

So how are they achieving all this success? Here’s what one of their supporters has just posted on a rugby forum:

1. Find an island blessed with good weather
2. Establish favourable tax status to encourage high net worth population and entrepreneurial businesses
3. Build great physical infrastructure for rugby
4. Encourage a warm and friendly atmosphere for supporters and visitors
5. Develop a clear rugby identity amongst indigenous population
6. Strongly promote the club in local media, TV, Radio and Newspapers
7. Attract good coaches and players
8. Play winning rugby
9. Ensure rugby is the top sport on the island
10. Sell out match day hospitality for months in advance
11. Attract match day crowds of 4,000 or more
12. Great leadership and sound management

I would say that most of these points are open to all clubs, wouldn’t you?

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