Bridge the gap between planning and doing

The fact that we need to plan in community sport cannot be denied. Lottery players, tax payers, partners, users and members spend £ millions every year on facilities and running costs and, of course, fair bit of thought has to go into how that money is allocated. And to sure we get most of this investment.

At the same time even the smallest club or one-man/woman coaching business also needs to spend time and resource on planning and allocating time and resource to ensure they are able, agile and prepared for the future.

When you study how the people ‘up there’, who decide where to spend trillions of £, arrive at their strategies it then emerges that that they have been ‘in consultation’. These consultations involve representatives from the people who are doing things out there and actually delivering sport. They are normally too busy ‘doing’ to spend time amongst people who are consulted by the people ‘up there’.

These top-down plans normally run for four years so the planners right are ‘pretending’ that they know what the world looks like in 2017! What about changes in technology, collapse of the Euro and the consequences of that and the rise and rise of informal community sport – to mention a few influencers?

As a result too much of our investment in sport and active leisure is not well-spent and the ‘doers’ feel completely detached from the strategies which are supposed to help them.

However, the politicians who sit on top of the ‘people up there’ are equally out of the touch with the real world, so they normally like the big top-down plans. Aaaaaaaargh!

Next post – action planning – build experimentation into your planning

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