Action planning – build experimentation into your planning

Experimentation keeps your planning based firmly in the realm of action and reality. By building testing, measurement and trials into your plans you’ll naturally push yourself to “do” sooner rather than later.

The idea is to always design a plan that requires some form of real-world experimentation for the plan itself to be complete. Not only does doing this build better quality plans (based on facts), it creates a habit of smooth transitions between planning and doing.

Too many people believe that the plan being written by the ‘clever guys at the top’ should then be cast in stone – the plan is then handed over to the ‘deliverers’ who are given the targets, some action points and then expected to carry out the plan. With no consultation or involvement in how the plan came about; no wonder then that so many of these plains fail.

The key is to use a short burst of measured action, measure the results and then bring your data back into your planning as quickly as possible. Rinse and repeat that formula and you’ll be well on your way to enterprise and sporting success.

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