An unwelcoming Open Day

Not too far from where I live there is a waterskiing club which had put up a big board advertising their Open Day. So one Saturday afternoon my wife, the Golden Retriever, Mozart, and I went down to the lake and enjoyed watching the 40-50 people having a great time on the water. Everybody, apart from us were in waterskiing gear, so we were quite visible, especially as Mozart was loudly demonstrating his keenness to join the water skiers.

Wearing our ‘smart casual’ and not waterskiing gear for 20 minutes we stood there and no one came to say hello or welcome and we then went home. Surely, that would not happen at your open day? Some possible new members and volunteers being lost.

You would make sure that newcomers were made to feel welcome and that you got their contact details and then sent a follow up email or letter, wouldn’t you?

You may say that you are far too busy on your match days or at your events to say a personal welcome to everybody, but there are many other ways you can make people feel welcome.

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