From school sports partnership to a sustainable sporting future

Shaun Fox, Legacy Sport

Another great presentation on how community sports providers are meeting the challenges and benefiting from new opportunities created by changes in people’s lives and the economic situation

A one-day event 26th June 2012,

Vicarage Road, Watford FC

Coping with government spending cuts, petitioning to save their jobs and the School Sport Partnerships, being drip fed new policies and initiatives and finally seeing the light!! This has been the rollercoaster for Shaun Fox and his three colleagues and in many ways a very exciting one.

Legacy School Sport CIC was formed in 2011 and is a dedicated ‘not for profit’ social enterprise based at and supported by Spen Valley Sports College. Their aim is to utilise the company’s specialist knowledge to promote, facilitate and enhance sustainable and accessible opportunities for physical activity, sport and lifelong learning. Links to targeted partners are currently helping us to maximise positive impacts on the public health agenda and community well being. In other words concentrate on what we do best.

Being a Community interest Company (CIC) allows them to reinvest profits made into further enhancing health and sporting opportunities for the local community.

A further example is that they strive to deliver their provision in such a way that every session is a sustainable learning experience. They feel that it is more beneficial to train and develop ‘Instructors’ as oppose to Sports Coaches. This is an innovative and forward thinking way of bridging the quality between teaching and coaching. As an ‘Instructor’ the link between teachers, young child and instructor will be strengthened through more in-depth planning,

Legacy currently work with over 35 schools in the Spen Valley region and the local community beyond providing a wide range of specialised services.

Shaun Fox was a teacher: he isn’t now. He is now a hybrid manager, having added business development, marketing and political negotiation to their portfolio of skills. Shaun says: “Profit is not a dirty word but if we do make a profit it’s reinvested to allow us to deliver programmes that were previously unsustainable.”

Apart from Shaun Fox confirmed speakers are:

  • Rob Smith, Watford FC’s Community Sports and Education Trust
  • Dennis Robbins/Craig Gilmore, Hunslet Club
  • Adrian Ledbury, Pro Active North London
  • Gordon Clark, Sport Wales
  • Mark Hows, Esprit Gymnastics Club (Swindon)
  • Kelly Davies, Vi-Ability (Colwyn Bay)
  • Geoff Swain, The Bedford Golf Club
  • Svend Elkjaer, Sports Marketing Network

If you want to learn more about this event and how to book a place (places are £95.00), contact Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660 or email

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