Community Sports Enterprise Event – Watford FC’s Community Sports and Education Trust

More than football…how a community programme has grown from one small office to £2m turnover and 22 f/t staff

One of the great presentations at Sports Marketing Network’s Sustainable Community Sports event on 26th June at Watford FC, Vicarage Road

In the early 1990s Watford FC established a Football in the Community Scheme.  At the time this consisted of one member of staff who was tasked with using football as a way of increasing football participation whilst also promoting Watford FC.

How did it all come about?  Well it would be fair to say that at Watford the introduction of family areas, player appearances at community events and community activities was pioneered by the then manager Graham Taylor.

The Community Scheme not only encouraged active participation in activities and events it also played an important role in addressing a range of social issues.  As a result of the good work achieved a decision was made to turn the scheme into a charitable entity.  The primary aim of doing this was to take the community work offered to a new level.

Watford Football Club has a long and proud tradition of serving its community.  It has established a reputation as a ‘Community Club’ – a club which actively provides a range of services to those who live in and around the area.  It also provides a sense of community to everyone who supports the ‘Hornets’.

See full event programme on our website 

Delegate fees: Places are £95.00 each including documentation, tea/coffee & lunch

To book your place email or complete and return the registration form  

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