Leadership lessons for community sport (2)

  1. Visit other clubs and steal their stuff and don’t worry about being original – learn all you can about the principles from others, but then apply them in the context of your own setting and club
  2. Be careful who you listen to. When you start making changes and showing leadership, you will be met with criticism from the stalwarts and ‘the way we do things around here’ brigade.  Answering every criticism and explaining every questioned action will wear you out. Ask the people who want to drive the club forward, listen to them and act.  Don’t waste time trying to placate the Victor Meldrews!
  3. Get geeked about gadgets. Yes, I appreciate that technology is developing at an amazing rate but that should not stop you from benefiting from using it. You simply ignore this at your peril.  If you want to engage with people in a timely, inexpensive and relevant way embrace these tools, saving you hours stuffing envelopes. If you feel that all this is not for you, then ask and involve other people, perhaps younger members.
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