School and commercial partner working together

This is the title of a dual presentation at Enterprising School Sport conference by Boyd Young, Assistant Head Teacher, Woodlands Academy and Andy Lewis, General Manager, Powerleague, Coventry at

Enterprising School Sport Conference to held 29th January at Powerleague, Woodlands Academy, Coventry. 

Details of the presentation are as follows: 

Woodlands Academy is an all boys’ school of around a 1000 pupils. The school has a huge tradition in sporting success and school operate sports halls and state of the art gymnastic facilities among other traditional P.E. activities. There is a strong emphasis of linking up with local sports clubs, to ensure maximum community use.  Boyd will be covering this work and the school’s relationship with their commercial partner, Powerleague.

Boyd is has been in education for 15 years including 8 years at Woodlands Academy where he has held several posts of responsibility including Head of PE, Director of Sport and Director of Specialism.

Powerleague site in Coventry has a number of unique attributes. The site operates the football facilities as well as a community targeted health and fitness suite. Andy Lewis will be talking through how the day to day challenges and opportunities within the facility unfold; how they impact the school and Powerleague in a number of ways. He will also cover the importance of close working relationships between Powerleague and the school to collectively develop and run the facility effectively.

Andy is the General Manager of the Powerleague site hosting the conference. He has worked in leisure for 11 years and has held posts at this site since 2007 as Assistant Manager and 2008 as General Manager.

Further detail of the conference can be by clicking on

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