Designing and delivering high usage school sports facilities

Another exciting presentation at the Enterprising School Sport conference, 29th January 2013, Powerleague, Woodlands Academy, Coventry.

Delievered by Alan Hodgkinson, Ball Hall/Sports Facilities Group

Ball Hall’s strap line of “The affordable sports hall for schools and communities” has been amply proven in recent years with the delivery of design and project management of over thirty sports facilities. These are not “off the shelf” but traditionally built to the highest sporting standards.

Four of these facilities are on school sites and managed in a unique way to deliver extremely high usage and commercial profit outside of school time.

The centres belong to the schools that have usage during school time and don’t cost them a penny to run. One centre alone attracts 300 teams and 2,500 participants per week

Alan Hodgkinson is the Managing Director of the Sports Facilities Group who market Ball Hall.

Alan served on the Governing Body of England Basketball for over thirty years and brings vast experience ensuring that Ball Halls offer sporting excellence. He is also responsible for the continuing links with England Netball, Badminton and Basketball

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