Recruiting and managing volunteers for your sports club is not rocket science

  1. Your club can only stay alive and indeed grow if you have a good team of volunteers who each got relevant skills and, indeed, a positive attitude
  2. Clubs which are run by the same people year after year tend to stagnate due to lack of new thinking and passion
  3. If you only look for volunteers the same places you always have done you will, of course, not get new people and thinking coming into your club
  4. You must have a plan in place for recruiting, retaining and rewarding volunteers…it doesn’t happen by itself
  5. Clubs that are ‘drifting’ without any direction find it much more difficult to attract and retain volunteers, because no one really knows what they are supposed to be doing
  6. Good volunteers do not want to become involved with internal club politics…they just want to get in with their specific role within the club
  7. People volunteer because they want to make a difference to the club and they want to enjoy themselves and belong

 You can achieve this by:

 Stop believing that ‘people do not want to volunteer’. It is a myth and frankly often an excuse for not following changing the mindset within the club and follow the advice given in this Guide 

  • Do say ‘thank you’
  • Do not always ask the same people…ask people with the skills you need and not just somebody because they are there!
  • Regard volunteer management as important as coaching the first team, getting funding for your schools programme or securing the services of the best junior coach
  • Asking specific people to help the club with their specific skills
  • Have fun!
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2 Responses to Recruiting and managing volunteers for your sports club is not rocket science

  1. We have developed and successfully trialed an off-field leadership program that encourages and rewards junior players to get involved in the running of their club – as well as making junior players (of all skill levels) feel valued and developing leadership qualities, this provides a huge base of enthusiastic volunteers (Berwick Junior Football Club has 18 players go through this program – it made life much easier for the committee, especially as family nights where there was no shortage of player volunteers). We are non-for-profit, and these programs are free for clubs to implement.

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