Alderley Edge Hockey Club – New pitch project, membership growth and Hedgehogs

Kelvin Briggs, Hon Secretary and Community Hockey Coach, Alderley Edge Hockey Club

One of the 8 presentations at


How community sports providers are meeting the challenges and benefiting from new opportunities created by changes in people’s lives and the economic situation
The second one-day event 16th April
The Hawthorns, West Bromwich Albion FC

Alderley Edge Hockey Club is a traditional Cheshire village sports club founded in 1888. It’s part of Alderley Edge Cricket Club, a four sport, multi sports Club that has recently acquired its own £500,000 new artificial grass pitch. The hockey section has grown membership by 46% over the last two years. This presentation features details of how the club constructed a challenging 5 year growth plan , reached out to the local community and built links with schools to provide pathways in to the Club.The Club and its volunteers have won local council, national governing body and European Hockey Federation awards for their recent new pitch development and innovation activities. The presentation will cover ambitious fund raising plans, the use of social media, PR , branding and its mascot Eddie Edgehog to promote a welcoming family ethos with participation and volunteering opportunities for a variety of local community groups.

Kelvin Briggs held senior management roles in a number of blue chip global companies including Volvo Trucks where he was Managing Director of a number of UK subsidiaries. Now retired, he managed the clubs new pitch project and now put his sales, marketing and coaching background to use promoting the Club in the local community.

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