Broadening the reach and scope for sport for disabled people

This is the title of one of the presentations at

Disability Sport or Sport for Disabled People

A one-day conference focusing on how to increase
disabled people’s participation in sport and active recreation
16th May 2013,
English Institute for Sport, Sheffield

Organised by Sports Marketing Network in partnership with English Federation of Disability Sport

This one-day event will provide lots of better practice on increasing disabled people’s participation in sport. Attendees can learn from others and adapt ideas to suit their own environment. Pick up helpful insight, learning from disabled people themselves and the clubs who have been successful. Use the ideas to shape your sporting opportunities to provide experiences for everyone involved.

This presentation is delivered by
Sarah Marl, Marketing and Communications Manager, EFDS
Svend Elkjaer, Founder and Director, Sports Marketing Network

It will cover how sport for disabled people must create shared value with its communities. At a time when the sport is enjoying a higher profile than ever and an increased focus on how we can create a more coherent society, there seems to be considerable scope for sport for disabled people to play a pivotal role in our communities. At the same time many of our clubs and other providers could benefit greatly from the added benefits of engaging with new audiences in terms of new users, volunteers, sponsors and community partners.

The challenge is that too many providers of sport for disabled people could benefit from a stronger engagement with the communities around and this presentation will give delegates thoughts, tools and to-dos on how to do that.

Sarah is the Marketing and Communications Manager for the English Federation of Disability Sport. She has been involved in sport for disabled people for several years. She now leads and oversees the marketing and communication function across the whole organisation, ensuring EFDS’s position is developed positively for all internal and external stakeholders,

Svend founded SMN to help community sport to become more vibrant, visible and viable and over seven years has supported 3,500 community sports providers in different ways.

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