The University of Nottingham – developing innovative inclusive initiatives

Hannah Webber – Disability Sport Officer

Another presentation at the

Disability Sport or Sport for Disabled People
A one-day conference focusing on how to increase
disabled people’s participation in sport and active recreation
16th May 2013,
English Institute for Sport, Sheffield

Over four years The University of Nottingham has focused on developing participative opportunities for students at Nottingham. In the first year the inclusive Any-Body Month initiative, which won the BUCS Diversity in Sport Award 2010, was developed. Since then the brand has been developed further through the creation of the Any-Buddy Scheme and Any-Body Club projects. In conjunction with a number of other interventions, the projects have helped to increase the level of disabled student engagement in sport and physical activity. This presentation will explain how these initiatives have been developed and talk more about the University’s future plans.

Hannah has been in post at the University of Nottingham for nearly four years. She has the responsibility of developing inclusive sporting opportunities for disabled students.

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