Community Sport Hubs – bringing sports clubs and communities together

This is the title of one of the presentations at Great facilities for community sport and physical activity…where, how, who? A conference which focuses on how best to develop facilities which increases the number of active people in an enterprising and sustainable way

30th April 2014

Meadow Park Conference Centre

Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3RN

This one-day event will provide lots of examples of best practice of identifying, creating and/or developing great facilities for people to become more active. Different solutions from different environments by different people.

Delegates can learn from others and adapt ideas to suit their own environment. Pick up helpful insights, learning from people themselves and the providers who have been successful.

 This presentation will be given by James Steel Lead Manager o at sportscotland and it will over:

Community Sport Hubs – as part of our contribution to Legacy 2014, sportscotland has been working with all 32 local authorities across Scotland to establish Community Sport Hubs (CSH) in local communities. In short, CSHs bring together local sport clubs within a community to form a collective. They then work together to establish their needs and improve the sport on offer to their local community, simple! In this session we will provide information on what CSHs are, how they have been created, the role they are playing within local communities and the impact they are having, offering delegates a chance to ask questions.

James Steel has led the creation of Community Sport Hubs from the start, back in 2010. Within his responsibility is also the Club Sport Framework and Direct Club Investment.

 For more information about this event call 01423 326 660 or email

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