Fulfilling opportunities, needs, rationalisation and growth through partnership working

This is the title of one of the presentations at Great facilities for community sport and physical activity…where, how, who? A conference which focuses on how best to develop facilities which increases the number of active people in an enterprising and sustainable way

30th April 2014

Meadow Park Conference Centre

Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3RN

This one-day event will provide lots of examples of best practice of identifying, creating and/or developing great facilities for people to become more active. Different solutions from different environments by different people.

Delegates can learn from others and adapt ideas to suit their own environment. Pick up helpful insights, learning from people themselves and the providers who have been successful.

 Delivered by Steve Downham-Clarke, Programme Manager, Bradford College and Chris Spargo, Head of Commercial Services, University of Bradford this presentation will cover:

The University of Bradford and Bradford College jointly provide a range of educational opportunities for 37,000 students. The 2 institutions whilst located adjacent to each other in the City’s Learning Quarter are separate entities, both delivering Further and Higher Education. A failed merger in 2002/3 has always been an issue strategically until collaboration on a range sporting services demonstrated the effectiveness of successful partnership working.

The presentation will show a timeline development of working together over the past 5 years demonstrating how the organisations have jointly developed new facilities, successfully acquired Sport England funding, jointly programmed service provision, collaborated with other partners, attracted international sports teams and continue to explore ways to enhance services. Improved financial performance, more students on sport related courses and participating, and greater customer satisfaction are the fruits of such an innovative partnership.

Chris has been responsible for the delivery of sport and leisure provision throughout his career in both the public and private sector,

Steven has spent most of his career involved the development of sporting infrastructure and facilities.

For more information about this event call 01423 326 660 or email svend@smnuk.com

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