Four great reasons why you should run an Open Day

It will raise the profile of your club within your community  


    1. Also, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that, for especially clubs involved with less high-profile sport, such as wrestling, the profile will be raised exponentially, from events such as Open Days   
    2. By having one concentrated, focused burst of promotional activity, highlighting the fun and enjoyment people of all ages can have from wrestling, you can change some of the perceptions may have of the sport, and by implication, your club.
  • Become more welcoming and vibrant club for all 


    1. Most sports clubs are welcoming towards people we know; however many struggle when it comes to make newcomers feel really welcome and comfortable. By running an Open Day you can really highlight the importance of welcoming every new person that comes through that door, so that they tell their friends and family about this ‘amazing, welcoming wrestling club’.
  • Attract more members, volunteers and partners 


    1. Provided that you do make sure newcomers feel really welcome and you follow up in a friendly and efficient way, an Open Day is probably be the best way to attract new people into your club.
  • Build stronger connections with your community


  1. As the saying goes, ‘no man is an island’ and your club will greatly benefit from developing stronger links with community partners such as schools, housing associations, health bodies, schools and colleges to name but a few. By inviting representatives from current and potential partners to your Open Day you will have a great opportunity of forging new links and strengthening existing relationships.
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