How Sport and Health can work together to improve the health of people in Wales

This is one of the presentations at the conference Enterprise and Collaboration – The way forward for community sport and physical activity in Wales.

This is a one-day event focussing on how Welsh community sports providers can meet the challenges and benefit from new opportunities created by changes in people’s lives, the political landscape and the economic situation.

The conference is held on 26thJune 2014 at SWALEC Stadium, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

This presentation will be delivered by Malcolm Ward, Principal Health Promotion Specialist, Public Health Wales

The evidence of benefits to health from physical activity are well understood and acknowledged and yet we continue to see alarmingly high levels of chronic disease and little or no improvements in the low levels of physical activity that have blighted Wales for over two decades. Whilst we do see evidently positive results from countless local initiatives, these do not appear to translate to the population as a whole. Effective and sustained increases in physical activity will depend on the co-ordinated and synergistic efforts of all sectors including Sport, Education, Health, Communities, Transport, Environment and the Voluntary sectors.

Malcolm Ward is a health promotion specialist working in Public Health Wales. As a Physical Activity lead for over 10 years he has worked locally, nationally and internationally.

For further information call o1423 326 660 or email

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