What’s your social capital?

Too many providers of sport and physical activity are just that, only catering for people who are interested in being active. 

Too often they do not engage with the ‘rest of people’s lives’ and are therefore not seen as being relevant to ‘non-sporty’ and inactive people. If your leisure centre or sports club is just a place for the ‘beautiful people’ in lycra you are cutting out at least more than 50% of your local community.

Social capital is the goodwill which is available to your club and centre within your community. If you are only communicating with the rest of the community when you want something or are in crisis (‘save our centre/club’) then your social capital is low. However, if you engage with people and groups across your communities your social capital will grow.

It’s quite simple, really, so go out there and talk some new people within your community.  


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