How to raise ££££ by organising a Doggy Walk

Walking your dog is a brilliant way to meet new people in your community, get active and now you can learn how you can raise literally thousands of pounds by running a Doggy Walk.

A mass dog walk involving 23301 dohgs and their owners took place last year on South Tyneside and this year is taking place on Sunday 8th June.

The walk, which is now in its 23rd year, was devised by former teacher Tony Carlisle as a way of raising cash for charities. The first few Great North Dog Walks events attracted fewer than 350 dogs. The 3.5 mile (5.6km) walk follows a coastal route. The event, which has raised £4.5m for animal chairities since it was started in 1990.

For a BBC video of the Doggy Walk go to

Owners walked their dogs on a 3.5 mile route over six hours  along the cliffs of South Shields

The event attracted dog owners from across the north of England

Some dogs wore “fancy dress” like this pet in a Superman costume

He added: “We’ve had the Great North Run in the North East for many years and I’m an animal lover and wanted a similar type of event to allow people to come and enjoy simply walking their dogs.

“Last year we had 23,300 dogs taking part. So far, pre-registration suggests we will beat even that.”

The mayor of South Tyneside, Ernest Gibson, said: “The Great North Dog Walk has become one of the borough’s leading events.

“It generates fabulous exposure for South Tyneside from all over the world.

“It is a wonderful way to show people our beautiful coastline and is a great opportunity for everyone to take a stroll and keep fit.”

The record-breaking 2013 charity event saw 23,301 dogs, from across 185 different breeds, take part in the coastal walk.




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