Tadcaster Community Swimming Pool demonstrates the value of developing social capital

Tadcaster lies 10 miles south-west of York. It has population of 7,000 and its three brewers provide much of the employment there. They also provided the land and support when local residents got together in 1994 to set up a Community Trust and the pool was opened. In 2007 a tile failure in the main pool resulted in the pool being closed for eight months. But, again, the community rallied around the pool and raised the £150,000 required to fund the repairs.

Since then the Trust and the pool has gone from strength. Run by eight staff and 100+ volunteers the two pools and the small gym are always busy and every single consumer feedback site is full of praise.  They have almost 1000 children at their swimming lessons every week and run an approved lifeguard and swimming teacher training centre and an approved apprenticeship scheme.

Volunteers are offered training and often report improved employment opportunities as a result of their involvement with the Trust.

There is a number of fundraising and community engagement activities taking place around the pool constantly keeping it in the centre of the community.


In a world where many pools are facing closure it’s great to see how a pool run by the community, for the community, keeps developing social capital and is run at a surplus.

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