Innovation and engagement is the way forward for physical activity (and indeed community sport)

There is increasing focus on the role that physical activity can play in contributing to an improvement in the nation’s health. Even relatively small increases in physical activity are associated with some protection against chronic diseases and an improved quality of life. These benefits can deliver cost savings for health and social care services. However, the benefits of physical activity extend further to improved productivity in the workplace, reduced congestion and pollution through active travel, the healthy development of children and young people and more active and happy lives for later life.

So, we are seeing an increasing number of organisations and community groups and trusts are developing and delivering great initiatives helping people to become more active.

Often these initiatives are flexible, do not necessarily require commitment day in, day out, are accessible for everyone regardless of level of fitness and skills and appeal to different groups and people of different ages regardless whether they are looking for fun and/or recreation. The good providers also include the wider community when developing and delivering their activity programmes.

Vibrancy and innovation is the fuel of your sustainability – whereas complacency and myopia…

A steady flow of creative ideas, implemented well is the lifeblood of any sport and physical activity provider and the inspiration that motivates users, members, volunteers, sponsors and engages the community.

At the core of every successful sports provider is a creative process producing great ideas, well executed.  A willingness to experiment, fail fast, learn fast, fail often and then moving forward

Sports providers which demonstrate sporting vibrancy and innovation are sustainable because they continually re-imagine their programmes and refresh their thinking and their relationships with the world around them. They open new doors before the old ones slam shut.

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