Community sports providers – enterprises, charities or both – workshops

How sports providers can benefit themselves and the community from developing and delivering innovative and enterprising community programmes

4 interactive workshops providing thoughts, tools and to-dos for organisations

involved with in community sports and physical activity

September – October

Workshops will run from 9.30am – 1.00pm followed by buffet lunch

 Planned venues

  • Leeds/Nottingham
  • Liverpool
  • London (M25)
  • Bristol

For providers of sport and physical activity engaging with your communities has never been more important and potentially rewarding than now

There are already considerable opportunities for community sport and physical activity providers to have a major impact on the local economy, physical and mental health, training and education, social cohesion, crime and social behaviour, and all in all, help build stronger communities.

There is considerable change in the way that our public services are being funded and delivered. There seems to be even bigger scope for community sport and physical activity to create positive social change and be used as a tool to engage disadvantaged people and communities and to help improve lives in a sustainable way.

At the same time, many stakeholders outside sport and physical activity are not convinced of their universal claims and are often reluctant to commit to supporting sport, without clear evidence, based on their own criteria. So, these providers need to be able to build up a robust evidence base demonstrating the power of sport as an instrument of social change in order to attract funding for their work.

All this requires professionals working within community sport and physical activity to acquire and/or develop two new skill sets:

One which is focused around the enterprise aspects of running the enterprise, such as promotion, impact measurement, partnership working and financial management.

The other skill sets that many people working for community sports providers must embrace are dealing with developing programmes that are aimed at strengthening self-esteem, developing personal skills, promoting healthy behaviours and lifestyles, and in doing so improve academic achievement, enhance employability and increase the feeling of self-worth and wellbeing.

This workshop will provide delegates with thoughts, tools and to-dos on how they can develop and deliver effective, exciting and sustainable community sport and physical activity programmes which really benefit the participants and satisfy the requirements of the funders.

Based on best practice from a number of excellent community sports and physical activity providers this workshop will help delegates to transform their organisations into community sports enterprises.

Specific topics covered

  •  How to design, develop and deliver the most appropriate programmes for each group and each need within the community
  • The best ways to work together with community partners, benefitting both parties and on how to make it easier to understand each other and benefit from doing so
  • How to match the right partner with the right project
  • How to assess your potential for working with community partners – what are your assets, relationships and skills?
  • How to measure and prove your impact
  • How do you ensure funders and commissioners get ‘value for money’ and achieve their objectives?
  • How to engage with and attract support from non-sports partners
  • Working with business partners
  • How to  become a strong, credible brand and partner
  • How to develop a viable enterprise and facility through Community Asset Transfer
  • How to help build strong communities
  • Why workforce development is important: The days of ‘just being a coach’ are over – they must communicate, engage, provide great experiences and know how to gather evidence
  • Putting together a plan for a sustainable community sports enterprise

 Who should attend this workshop:

This workshop is highly relevant if you are involved with or work for community sports trusts at our professional and semi-pro clubs, informal sports and physical activity providers, community sports enterprises, sports governing bodies, local authorities, county sports partnerships, university or college sport, community sports clubs, community groups and other community sports providers.

Delegate fees

£125.00 (3rd delegate 50%)

For further information contact or 01423 326 660


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