Is your club being priced off the Council pitch? Then generate some income!

Clubs using local authority facilities need to develop better enterprise skills as their hire rates are going up and services being cut.

In these austere times we meet many sports clubs who as tenants at local authority facilities are trying to cope with these changes. Some people are trying to reverse these decisions by running petitions etc. While this may a worthy exercise it is not very likely to change the situation as the financial challenges at the UK’s local authorities is going to worsen.

I strongly recommend those clubs to develop a more enterprising culture and skill set run some income generating activities:

  • Walking football/rugby for 60+ people who pay for it and you might even get financial support from your local health people (Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • Midnight Walks
  • Halloween sports festival
  • Corporate Games

The list of opportunities goes on and on. You decide your own future!

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