Getting Older People Physically Active conference

New ways of engaging and retaining

older people in sport and physical activity producing

psychological, physical and social benefits

 4th November 2014

Chesterfield FC Community Trust, Derbyshire


Real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learnt,

ideas and experiences to be shared

Delegates will come from the health sector, education sector, governing bodies of sport, sports clubs, local authorities, county sports partnerships, community enterprises, care sector, commercial companies, community/sports trusts.

There is strong evidence that remaining physically active in later life can help to maintain both physical and mental health and well being, however at the same time older people have had a low uptake of traditional leisure facilities and services

Providers of community sport and physical activity has to accept that it operates in the experience business and that it is competing for people’s leisure time and money and has to attract older people away from watching TV, apathy etc. by providing better experiences.

Also, with changes in funding and delivery of public services there are some great opportunities and challenges in terms of developing partnerships and funding. This can often be done by providing services that are attractive to non-sports funders such as health and community. But how?

So how do we communicate better with older people, their families, assistants and carers ? How do we help develop providers of sport and physical activity for older people who can grow to a level of sustainability? How do we improve our ability to engage with partners from across society benefiting from introducing best practice applied within social enterprises?

This conference is, hopefully, the first step bringing together positive examples of  programmes, clubs and other organisations getting more older people physically active which exist all over the UK.


This one-day event will provide examples of good practice on increasing participation in sport and physical activity for people from ethnically diverse communities. Attendees can learn ideas to suit their own environment. Pick up helpful insight, learning from people themselves and the providers who have been successful. Use the ideas to shape your sporting and physical activity opportunities to provide experiences for everyone involved.

This is not a conference packed with policy presentations. We hope people will leave the event knowing they have heard some great practical ideas and having learned how to make positive changes of their own.

Topics covered are likely to include:

  • Supporting mainstream providers to understand the needs of different segments of older people
  • How to increase participation of older in your local club or region
  • How sports providers and the community can work in partnership e.g. with age groups and community groups
  • How engagement is crucial to help breaking down barriers
  • Engaging specific segments e.g. older males, disabled people and older people from Black and Ethnic Minorities
  • Utilising role models
  • How to build capacity in communities to provide diversity in coaches and volunteering

Have you got a great story to tell?

How do you deliver great sport and physical activity initiatives for and with your ethnically diverse communities? How do you communicate these activities in a way which overcomes perceived barriers? How do you provide great experiences which ensure that participants enjoy their exercise and recommend it to friends and family and want to come back?   

Have you developed solutions to the challenges and opportunities mentioned above?

If you feel you have a great story to tell, or if you know of one, please do contact Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660 or

Delegate fees: One conference place is £145.00 which includes refreshments, lunch and conference documentation

Community rate: £95.00 per delegate includes conference material, tea/coffee and lunch. This rate applies only to smaller community groups and clubs _____


The organisers reserve their right to decide on eligibility.

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