Walking Basketball – Mixed camaraderie, fitness and fun

This is the title of the presentation that Creon Raftopoulos, Head Coach, Walking Basketball Ltd will be giving at the conference Getting Older People Physically Active.

Walking Basketball targets the 50+ age group to deliver a walking paced version of the fast and furious game we are all used to. It is a great low-impact, high-cardio new sport that allows people over 50 to play a competitive team game. We run mixed games and even have couples who come along to play together.   We find that players get hooked on the game and love the sense of camaraderie that individual games just don’t have.  There is a lot of friendly banter and healthy competition but at the end of the session everyone goes off for a coffee together and a lot of new friendships have been forged.

Head Coach Creon Raftopoulos has developed a specific set of rules that ensure players partake in brisk walking up and down the court. We train coaches to look after the players with their many and varied health issues.

This event takes place on 4th November at Chesterfield FC Community Trust, Derbyshire and will be presenting new ways of engaging and retaining older people in sport and physical activity producing psychological, physical and social benefits

Full details on the event can be found on http://tinyurl.com/qbh6vwf

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