Invincibles by name – Invincibles by nature

This is the title of the presentation that Ian Davis, Commercial Manager for Wellington College Enterprises will be giving at the conference Getting Older People Physically Active.

The presentation will cover how a  00 strong group of 50+ men and women operating under the banner of The Invincibles form an integral segment of the W H&FC day time programme. Formed in April 1991 the Club has grown from just 12 members to today’s number plus a waiting list of over 70. The Club is driven by a highly motivated group of Leader and Helper volunteers. Participating in 19 sports and many leisure off site trips and activities; achievements and success lay way beyond just the physical activity and associated health benefits but within the social and emotional support if offers to its many members. Often referred to as ‘my family’ by members its impact cannot just be measured or calculated in £s or numbers but by smiles, hugs & the occasional tear…

Ian Davis has worked over 30 years in the leisure industry managing large multi-functional facilities, all with diverse and rich programmes for 50+ year old peoples’ participation in sport and leisure activities.

This event takes place on 4th November at Chesterfield FC Community Trust, Derbyshire and will be presenting new ways of engaging and retaining older people in sport and physical activity producing psychological, physical and social benefits

Full details on the event can be found on

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