How Wigan’s Active Later Life programme reduces the risk of people falling and helps improve independence for everyday living

This is the title of the presentation that Carol Southern, Service & Development Manager, Wigan Leisure Culture Trust will be giving at the conference Getting Older People Physically Active.

This event takes place on 4th November at Chesterfield FC Community Trust, Derbyshire and will be presenting new ways of engaging and retaining older people in sport and physical activity producing psychological, physical and social benefits

The Active Later Life programme which runs across the Wigan Borough features a range of different activity programmes and partnerships designed to encourage referrals and participants into the service. Examples include:

  • Supported 6 week home based exercise programme
  • Community based Strength & Balance classes – Evidence based 10 and 16 week programmes, providing tailored activity sessions to help people maintain their independence.  The classes are aimed at older adults (aged over 65), who have had falls, are afraid of falling or who are at a high risk of falls.
  • Forever Active – Preventative programme for those aged over 60 years, to help prevent falls in the future, classes include Pilates and Tai Chi
  • Moving More Often Training package for local social care and community professionals.

Participants can either self-refer or be referred via a health, social care or a local community worker.

This presentation will cover details of the programme, the key partnerships and the great benefits that many participants have experienced from the programme in terms of independence for everyday living.

Full details on the event can be found on

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