Community Sport proving its impact on community

This is the title of the presentation that Joanna McLaughlin, Policy and Information Officer, The Robertson Trust will be giving at Enterprise and Collaboration The way forward for community sport in Scotland conference which takes place at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh on 4th December 2014

This is a one-day event focussing on how Scotland’s community sports providers can benefit themselves and their communities by developing and delivering innovative and enterprising programmes.

This event focuses on how to deliver great, sustainable community sport without compromising your sporting and community objectives. It will highlight best practice and provide thoughts, tools and to-dos on how you too can become a sustainable community sports provider.

Delegates will come from community sports clubs, Community Sport Hubs, governing bodies of sport, local authorities, community sports trusts at our professional and semi-pro clubs, informal sports providers, community sports enterprises, sports governing bodies, community groups and other community sports providers.

Joanna’s presentation will share the learning from The Robertson Trust’s  funding and she will be evaluating a wide range of community sports organisations that use sport as a tool to engage hard to reach young people.

Speaking from a funder’s perspective, the Trust will discuss the gap that exists within many organisations in terms of their ability to both evaluate and evidence the impact of their sports programmes and to engage with hard to reach groups in the community.

The Trust will share its learning from its ‘Community Sport and Enterprise Evaluation Learning Set’ which helps to equip sports organisations with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to understand and demonstrate the impact of their work. Finally, the Trust will share examples of best practice from organisations that have been involved in the Youth Work in Sport initiative and are using a youth work approach to enhance how they engage hard-to-reach young people through sport.

Joanna McLaughlin is the Policy and Information Officer for The Robertson Trust and is responsible for developing and overseeing all of the Trust’s work within Community Sports.

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