How community sport can (im)prove its impact on community

Linda MacDonald and Joanna McLaughlin of The Robertson Trust spoke about How community sport can (im)prove its impact on community at the conference Enterprise and Collaboration in Community Sport Scotland

How Scotland’s community sports providers can achieve more by being more enterprising and working in collaboration was the key item on the agenda when 108 people from across the sector met at Murrayfield Rugby Stadium, Edinburgh, on 4th December.

The occasion was SMN’s Enterprise and Collaboration in Community Sport in Scotland conference, which was supported by Senscot and sportscotland. The conference featured great presentations from a wide range of organisations, all focusing on how we can deliver better community sport, creating stronger local communities.

This was one of the inspiring presentations:

Linda and Joanne highlighted how sport can be a valuable vehicle to engage hard to reach young people in communities and enable them to develop key life skills.  They emphasised how important it is to take a learning and development approach and improve skills/knowledge and thus increase capacity and sustainability.

Robertson Trust has supported various programmes helping community sports providers to improve the way they collect meaningful data about the work they are doing and to use it to:

  1. improve the services they can offer participants, volunteers and sports leaders;
  2. secure additional funding for their services;
  3. become more sustainable as an organisation &
  4. plan for the future more strategically
  5. They advocated a development approach which improves skills/knowledge and increases capacity and sustainability.

Proving the impact of sport can be challenging in a number of ways. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try!

Robertson Trust funded a two-year programme supporting 8 sports enterprises to develop the knowledge, skills and tools they need to collect the data they need to measure their outcomes.

So it can be done!

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