Taking over the asset or transferring it – creating win/win situations

Linda Gillespie, Programme Manager, Community Ownership Support Service, Development Trusts Association Scotland

This is the title of one of the presentations at the Enterprising Asset Transfer in Leisure, Sport and Community conference which takes place The Portland Centre, Nottingham on 25th March.

A one-day conference focuses on how community groups, sports clubs, trusts and parish councils and others can best take over the ownership and management of assets from local authorities and run them as vibrant and viable social enterprises

This session will explore the potential for achieving a win-win for both communities and the public sector through community ownership and/or management of sports facilities.  It will reflect on the Scottish experience of community ownership and highlight a variety of examples where alternative approaches have been taken by communities to ensure either access to facilities or the continuation of existing services is maintained.

Linda will also highlight the challenges being faced by both the public sector in relation to the provision and maintenance of sports pitches and touch on the early stage development activity between Scottish Local Authorities and the Scottish Football Association.

Linda Gillespie is the Programme Manager for the Community Ownership Support Service. This service is funded to support the sustainable transfer of publicly held assets into community ownership. Prior to this, Linda’s background is in local economic development, management consultancy and retail management.

For further information about this event contact Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660 or email svend@smnuk.com

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