Sports related Community Asset Transfer projects with commercial reality

Duncan Norris, Managing Director of Action Sport UK Ltd and Jonathan Platt, Director gcp Chartered Architects

This is the title of one of the presentations at the Enterprising Asset Transfer in Leisure, Sport and Community conference which takes place The Portland Centre, Nottingham on25th March.

A one-day conference focuses on how community groups, sports clubs, trusts and parish councils and others can best take over the ownership and management of assets from local authorities and run them as vibrant and viable social enterprises

Duncan and Jonathan will describe their journey in developing two sports related CAT projects as part of the mission to develop the Action Sport brand.

Action Sport is a southern hemisphere indoor multi-sports concept based around providing a core of cricket, netball and football delivered in a fully enclosed tensioned net playing environment with a specific set of rules. Each of the 50 plus sites is adapted to provide facilities in response to local conditions.

Action Sport was launched at a former Bristol City Council sports centre (originally an aircraft hangar).

The business struggled from the start and it wasn’t until Duncan Norris took over the reins did the outlook for Action Sport Bristol improve.  Duncan renegotiated the contract with Bristol City Council, streamlined the sports on offer and invested in key staff.

Within 2 years Duncan was looking for a second site securing the lease on Stockland Green Leisure Centre from Birmingham City Council in 2014.

This presentation will highlight some of the key do’s and don’ts when considering a CAT project and explore the essential level of due diligence required before committing to a lease.

Duncan Norris graduated from Loughborough University in 1990. His operational management career in the private leisure sector saw him develop several health clubs and golf and country clubs across UK over 10 years. With experience of both successes and failures, Duncan is now the major shareholder and Managing Director of Action Indoor Sports UK.

Jonathan Platt has been a qualified architect for over 25 years. With a passion for sport, Jonathan thinks the Community Asset Transfer programme presents a new set of challenges for the sector, but also an opportunity to invigorate tired and underperforming facilities.

For further information about this event contact Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660 or email

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