Getting your legal structure right, or else…

Jim Pettipher, Deputy Executive Director, Cooperative Futures

This is the title of one of the presentations at the Enterprising Asset Transfer in Leisure, Sport and Community conference which takes place The Portland Centre, Nottingham on 25th March.

A one-day conference focuses on how community groups, sports clubs, trusts and parish councils and others can best take over the ownership and management of assets from local authorities and run them as vibrant and viable social enterprises

If community sports clubs are reviewing their corporate and charitable legal options, which they should be, as part of a potential asset transfer then there is a veritable quagmire of regulations that they must wade through.

Worse still, since community sports clubs rarely have money to spend there are few firms that have developed all round expertise to offer clubs appropriate advice.

Jim Pettipher has spent the last 8 years as an employed advisor to co-operatively and community owned enterprises and for a number of years before that was a charity CEO, head of marketing, fundraiser etc.

He was chairman and then secretary of his own local community sports club through its recent incorporation and asset transfer and in this session he will share his lessons learnt and options appraisal.

Jim Pettipher has almost 30 years’ broad commercial experience, which includes 14 years in retail businesses & 10 years working for charities. Jim joined Co-operative Futures in 2006 where he works as a business consultant specialising in co-operative business models.

For further information about this event contact Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660 or email

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