Enterprising Asset Transfer in Leisure, Sport and Community conference

A one-day conference on how community groups, sports clubs, trusts, parish councils and others can best take over the ownership and management of assets from local authorities and run them as vibrant and viable social enterprises

The Portland Centre, Nottingham, 25th March 2015

As an increasing number of public bodies are looking to divest of loss-making, unwanted facilities and buildings there is be scope for enterprising community groups, sports clubs, trusts and parish councils to take over those assets for sporting and community use. This can often help them deliver community-based solutions to local needs and demands for services. This will have both social and economic benefits.

A key barrier to the transfer of assets to community management and ownership lies in the fact that people, both in the public and community sectors, are not sufficiently equipped to understand the issues involved.

The notion that our communities can run their own facilities better than the public sector is not new. However, the huge number of local authorities which, right now, are preparing to transfer assets to the community is often caused by financial pressures.

So how do our community groups, sports clubs, trusts and parish councils and others best prepare themselves for this opportunity and the work involved with taking over facilities, buildings and then run them as a vibrant, visible and viable enterprises?

How do they engage the local community and promote community leadership and play their part of the fabric of their local communities? How do we develop and deliver an innovative range of sporting and community opportunities, attracting people of all ages and abilities?

How do local authorities best plan and execute asset transfers to ensure that society achieves maximum benefits?

Conference provides great case-studies…how local communities can gain control of their local assets

Whatever your involvement with community, leisure or sport activities and assets this conference will provide practical, hands-on advice from people who have already done it and from experts with experience from their involvement with real-life projects.

Not only will you will be able to listen to, and learn from these experts and practitioners. You will also be able to meet people with similar issues and challenges as your own from across sport and active leisure

This event focuses on these issues, highlight best practice and provide thoughts, tools and to-dos on how to help develop enterprising asset transfers in leisure, sport and community.

Attendees can learn ideas to suit their own environment. Pick up helpful insight, learning from people themselves and the providers who have been successful. Use the ideas to shape how you can undertake an enterprising asset transfer in leisure, sport and culture and become a vibrant, visible and viable community enterprise.

This is not a conference packed with policy presentations. We hope people will leave the event knowing they have heard some great practical ideas and having learned how to make positive changes of their own.

Delegates will come from community sports clubs, parish and district councils, governing bodies of sport, local authorities, community sports trusts at our professional and semi-pro clubs, informal sports providers, community sports enterprises, sports governing bodies, community groups and other community sports and leisure providers providers.

For further information about this event contact Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660 or email svend@smnuk.com

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