How sports organisations that trade can access non-sports funding to develop more sustainable business models

This is the title of the presentation that Sam Tarff, Chief Executive, Key Fund will be giving at the conference Enterprise and Collaboration – The way forward for community sport and physical activity in the West Midlands.

The event takes place on 28th April 2015 at Signing Tree Conference Centre, Ladywood, Birmingham B16 8SZ.

This is a one-day event focussing on how community sports providers can meet the challenges and benefit from new opportunities created by changes in people’s lives, the political landscape and the economic situation

Delegates will come from community sports clubs, community trust at professional sports clubs, governing bodies of sport, local authorities, community sports trusts, informal sports providers, community sports enterprises, sports governing bodies, community groups and other community sports providers.

Speaking from a funder’s perspective Key Fund will be discussing how sports organisations that trade can access non-sports funding to develop more sustainable business models to grow.

Key Fund supports numerous organisations to help improve some of the most deprived communities across the North of England. By providing loan finance to help fund sustainable sporting activities, Key Fund is enabling communities to take control to positively impact health, wellbeing and other important issues.

To date Key Fund has invested in over 55 clubs, investing over £1.3m to support sporting Entrepreneurs across the North of England.

Key Fund is a social enterprise that understands the unique difficulties faced by similar organisations when looking to develop or grow, by investing in organisations that mainstream investors consider too high risk to invest in. To date Key Fund is the UK’s largest regionally based social investor, operating across the Northern half of England and the Midlands.

Sam Tarff became CEO in 2013 having been a board member for 10 years. Sam is an experienced, Social Entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of developing sustainable solutions to social issues. His mission is to channel funds to areas of greatest need. He has successfully led Key Fund to a new level, a thought leader and influencer, shaping the sector at large.

For further information about this event contact Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660. email or go to

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