Holford Drive Community Sports HUB – Effectiveness in Strategic Planning and Service Delivery through Community Management

 This is the title of the presentation that Steve Town, Managing Director, Steve Town Consulting will be giving at the conference Enterprise and Collaboration – The way forward for community sport and physical activity in the West Midlands.

The event takes place on 28th April 2015 at Signing Tree Conference Centre, Ladywood, Birmingham B16 8SZ.

This is a one-day event focussing on how community sports providers can meet the challenges and benefit from new opportunities created by changes in people’s lives, the political landscape and the economic situation

Delegates will come from community sports clubs, community trust at professional sports clubs, governing bodies of sport, local authorities, community sports trusts, informal sports providers, community sports enterprises, sports governing bodies, community groups and other community sports providers.

Steve will lead an interactive workshop/discussion that will focus on Holford Drive as a key example of how facility and sports and physical activity development can be delivered through a community asset transfer, with the project and the delivery vehicle developed specifically with this in mind. The session will also cover the community engagement and development aspects, and how the concepts of coproduction, valuing worth and relationship management have been key tools in the success of this ground breaking project; All in the context of public sector austerity and current disinvestment in the sector.

Steve Town is currently the Managing Director of a sports consultancy company. He spent 25 years in local government with responsibility for services including sport. Steve specialises in sports strategy and business planning, development, funding strategies, governance, and organisational change, with an emphasis on leadership. He is a keen advocate for disability sport, social justice, and the power of sport to make a difference

For further information about this event contact Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660. email svend@smnuk.com or go to http://www.smnuk.org/#/events-2014/4574426035

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