Introducing The Ten Ts for better volunteer leadership:

  1. Tidy up (both physically and mentally) Like anything else in life if a place is messy and disorganised it is more difficult to attract people, so spend a bit of time at least preparing the ground for attracting welcoming new volunteers
  2. Talk to people Many people would like to volunteer, if only they were asked – so ASK them
  3. Touch peoples’ hearts Now that you are an important hub within your community you can honestly go out there and really engage with people and help them realise that they can make an impact by volunteering at your club
  4. Tell the head Volunteering has to make sense – so make sure you have a good, rational reason why people should volunteer at your club
  5. Decide the Tasks Too many clubs just state that ‘we need some volunteers’ without really realising what they want those volunteers to do
  6. Make sure you have the tools There’s no point asking people to maintain your pitch and give them a tea spoon
  7. Make people feel part of the team Have a mentor/buddy for each new mentor to help them ease into their role. In the beginning people are more likely to be a bit nervous and will need help and support
  8. Give people training and support One third of coaches stop coaching because of lack of support. Whi and where can a volunteer ask for support at your club?
  9. Be open towards new thoughts New people will often have new ideas based on their experiences. They may not all be great ones for your club, but be open towards them if you want new volunteers to stay
  10. Say ‘thank you’ Birthday cards, awards, cool small gifts etc. Just do it please
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