Streetsport – Taking football directly into local communities #sport4betterworld

Streetsport is a non-profit ‘intervention and diversionary tactics initiative’ based at RGU:SPORT in Aberdeen (part of the Robert Gordon University) that actively reduces instances of youth crime and anti-social behaviour. Established in 2006, the project provides free access to sports and other creative activities during the evenings by deploying mobile activity arenas into locations throughout the city, taking activities directly to young people within their own communities. We focus on widening participation and engaging young people in positive outcomes.

Denis Law is their patron. He was born in Aberdeen and the project is funded by and operates under the auspices of the Denis Law Legacy Trust, a registered Scottish charity.

The overall aim of the project is to ‘reduce instances of youth crime and anti-social behaviour; promote health and wellbeing and encourage inclusivity through sport, physical activity and creative endeavour’.

Streetsport provides opportunities for community sport and physical activity that have a proven beneficial impact on the local economy through health and wellbeing; education and improved social cohesion which often result in reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour.

Streetsport also cuts across race, ethnicity and territorial boundaries, and our coaches are seen as role models and mentors to many young people.

The initiative has made a significant impact in Aberdeen over the years and to date we have deployed our portable activity arenas over 1500 times and engaged local youths in over 30 locations around the city.

We estimate over 25,000 individual attendances in that time…offering local youths free access to sport in some of the most disadvantaged and underprivileged areas of the city. In some instances we have also reduced reports of anti-social behaviour and crime by over 50%.

You can see an example of how the project operates by viewing our YouTube video:

You can find out more about our activities by visiting:

Donate at Just Giving –

You can also follow us on Twitter @StreetsportRGU and Facebook

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