Creating thriving Scottish cricket clubs

Cricket Scotland launch an innovative programme designed to help support their clubs to embrace change and become more welcoming and enterprising

In an increasingly competitive sporting market, traditional club models and ways of operating are coming under extreme pressure.  People engage with, and consume sport, far differently to how they did 5-10 years ago.  Therefore, Cricket Scotland, in conjunction with Sports Marketing Network, will be helping clubs tom become more vibrant, visible and viable community clubs through their new training, support and mentoring programme, Thriving Clubs.

Ian Sandbrook, Acting Head of Community Development at Cricket Scotland said: “We believe that clubs that demonstrate a willingness to change, desire to develop a welcoming culture, engage with their community and build enterprise drive and skills are much more likely to become vibrant, visible and viable community sports enterprises. With these foundations in place they can then become sustainable and deliver growth.

However, we also appreciate that even the most progressive clubs require inspiration, ideas and support to develop this culture and skillset. While we appreciate not all clubs are ready to go through this journey, we want to engage with all our clubs to help them benefit from the Thriving Clubs programme.”

Cricket Scotland has engaged Svend Elkjaer of Sports Marketing Network to design and deliver the Thriving Clubs programme. Svend has already been working, successfully, with the cricket clubs in the Forth Valley based on the experiences from this project, combined with Svend’s learning from his work with more than 4,000 community sports clubs through SMN’s Grow Your Club programme, we are confident that Svend’s expertise will benefit every club involved.

A comprehensive and innovative programme    

Under the Thriving Clubs programme all cricket clubs in Scotland will have the opportunity of attending one of the Grow Your Cricket Club workshops held at cricket clubs across Scotland in May.

They will also benefit from of one year’s free membership of SMN’s new Grow Sport +, the online platform for vibrant, visible and viable for community sports clubs and Sports Enterprise Connections, the network for community sports enterprise.

The clubs will then be invited to apply to participate in an intensive programme where ten clubs will be selected to benefit from one-2-one support, remote mentoring and specific ideas, tools and templates.

To apply they will be asked five questions on how welcoming, innovative, community focused,   engaging and enterprising they feel their club is now and how they would like to improve on these five points.

Cricket Scotland will then select the ten clubs which they feel have the greatest potential, to join a support and mentoring programme.

Svend Elkjaer said: “I think it is fantastic that Cricket Scotland is adapting this innovative approach to help their clubs to become more welcoming and enterprising”.

Ian Sandbrook concluded:”We know that sports governing bodies, like ours, have to help our clubs to adapt to an environment where there is stronger competition for people’s time and money.  Thriving Clubs is all about that.”

For further information contact Svend Elkjaer at or call him on 01423 326 660.

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