From voluntary group, then adopted by the local authority, and finally re-established as a social enterprise

This is the title of a presentation given by Rashid Bhayat, Director, Positive Youth Foundation at the conference Enterprise and Collaboration in Community Sport in the West Midlands

The event takes place on 28th April 2015 at Signing Tree Conference Centre, Ladywood, Birmingham B16 8SZ.

This is a one-day event focussing on how community sports providers can meet the challenges and benefit from new opportunities created by changes in people’s lives, the political landscape and the economic situation

Delegates will come from community sports clubs, community trust at professional sports clubs, governing bodies of sport, local authorities, community sports trusts, informal sports providers, community sports enterprises, sports governing bodies, community groups and other community sports providers.

The Positive Youth Foundation is a social enterprise that exists to support young people aged 8-19 deemed to be living risky or vulnerable lifestyles. Their work includes helping the young people to improve their diet, increase levels of physical activity and improve self-motivation/self-confidence.

This presentation will give an insight in to how the organisation started life as a voluntary group, then adopted by the local authority, and finally re-established as a social enterprise.

We will explore how we determine our strategic priorities and the mechanisms in place to ensure the work of the foundation is aligned to local partners.  We will also look at the challenges and benefits associated with the delivery model and aim for opportunity for open debate and dialogue from delegates.

Rashid Bhayat set up his first community venture aged 17. With over 18 years of experience in the youth and community sector, Rashid has worked at a local, regional and national level, supporting organisational development and frontline services.

For further information about this event contact Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660. email or go to

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