Grow Your Community Sports Enterprise

A full-day interactive workshop on how to grow your enterprise delivering community sport and physical activity, engage better with community partners, increase your income and raise your profile in the communities you serve

23rd September. Timber Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London


The time has come for community sports entrepreneurs delivering sport and physical activity for the community

Increasingly sport and physical activity in the community is being delivered by people and organisations which operate in parallel with the traditional school and club sports providers. These Community Sports Enterprises, operating either as social or commercial enterprises, are often run by people who have spotted a need or opportunity at their local level and decided to provide a service to fill that gap.

These community sport providers include sport camp organisers, coaching agencies, community sports trusts, organisers of five-side football (and other shorter versions of team sport), BMX facilities in converted factories, gymnastics/trampoline providers in former warehouses, youth or senior citizen groups, community-owned and managed facilities and many more types of providers. Of course, many of our community sports clubs are indeed run by community sports entrepreneurs,

From 9.30 – 16.00 on 23rd September in The Timber Lodge (itself run by a social enterprise) in the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park community sports entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from best practice, share experiences, network and raise the profile of their work.


Social Enterprise Connections

 for enterprises and delivering sport and physical activity in the community.

Aimed at the many informal providers of community sport and physical activity from sports communities, faith groups, social enterprises, etc.

This workshop will provide delegates with thoughts, tools and to-dos on how they can develop and deliver effective, exciting and sustainable community sport and physical activity programmes, that really benefit the participants and satisfy the requirements of the funders.

Based on best practice from a number of excellent community sports and physical activity providers this workshop will help delegates to transform their organisations into community sports enterprises.

Learn directly from successful community sports enterprises from across London and Denmark

Specific topics covered

The workshop aims to help you, and your enerprise/group, organise your work more effectively to improve public health, educational attainment, social inclusion through sport while you are running a viable enterprise while you are getting more people, more active.

  • How to launch a Community Sports Enterprise
  • How to Grow your Community Sports Enterprise
  • Being commissioned to deliver physical activity, education and other community services
  • How to develop a service that people will really want to pay for
  • Proving your impact
  • Asset transfer – opportunities and challenges
  • Social pricing – ensuring sustainability while meeting your community/social objectives
  • Overcoming planning issues
  • Working with non-sport partners

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