Grow Your Non-League Football Club Workshop

 An evening seminar packed with practical information on how to make your non-league club more vibrant, visible and viable

6.30pm – 9.30pm, 6th October, Oxford City FC, Marston, Oxford

It’s tougher than ever for non-league football clubs to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and demanding market for time and money from supporters, local businesses and the wider community. How do you grow your sponsorship revenue, increase your gates, improve the social life of your club, increase media coverage, benefit from new technology, engage with your local community and introduce new revenue streams, including public funding?

These are just are just some of the areas which will be covered in this seminar. We will provide you with literally dozens and dozens of proven ways your club can become vibrant, visible and viable. No boring theory…just exciting, positive and proven action points drawn from best practice from sports clubs at all levels across the UK and abroad


 How to develop a club that people will really want to support : Developing a can-do club; getting the organisation and structure right; organising exciting and profitable social function; how to increase your match day gate and improve customer experience; linking up community, communication and computers; how to package the passion; using technology to communicate with supporters; how to recruit and retain the right volunteers; engage with the wider community and attract public funding; how to develop innovative and cost-effective communication campaigns

How to grow your revenue and become a viable club; analysing your assets – even your car park can make money for you; how to analyse the needs and demands of potential sponsors; how to prospect and pitch to potential sponsors; using relationship marketing to help sponsors develop a close rapport with club members; growing your club’s merchandising at no risk; developing revenue from your club website; the Club as a Business; a can-do vs. can’t-do club; making money from your social club and club shop

How to attract funding towards your sporting and community programmes; how to develop sporting and community projects that stand a bigger chance of attracting funding; how to attract funding from non-sporting sources; engaging with the wider community and attract public funding

Ready to use templates; you will also be presented with ready-to-use templates for events and initiatives which could help your club to grow straight away. We hope that some of these templates will be used by some clubs so that we can create strong collective events and programmes. Learn more on the day.

What some of previous delegates said…

            “…a most enjoyable evening, “Tony Foster, Heybridge Swifts FC           

            “very enlightening”…John Dean, Bradford PA FC

            …the workshop was fantastic, Steve Lloyd, Merthyr Town FC

The Presenter

The presenter, Svend Elkjaer, is Director of The Sports Marketing Network the Network for people involved with the commercial and marketing issues across all sports, be it club, governing body, sports deliverer or if you are working with informal sports. It provides information on how to make your club more viable, vibrant and visible, sharing best practice across sports.

Svend has worked with a number of football clubs and organisations, including Queens Park Rangers Community Foundation, Football League Trust, Welsh Football Trust, Unibond League, Danish FA and Doncaster Belles.

Making It Happen

Clubs participating in this workshop will also have unique access to 3 months online/telephone remote mentoring/support from Svend Elkjaer, helping the clubs to make it happen.

For further information, contact

Svend Elkjaer, Sports Marketing Network, 5 Station Terrace, Boroughbridge, YO51 9BU 01423 326 660

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