Commit to being more welcoming – sign the Welcome Pledge

Welcome is a culture and then a skill.

It is something we always do, not just a one-off

The Welcome Pledge has been developed by SMN and is designed to focus people’s attention on the often small, but significant differences a welcoming culture and attitude can make in providing great experiences.

All we are asking you to do is to print this out, adapt it to your specific place and then get as many people, players, volunteers, etyc. to commit to and sign the Welcome Pledge

And then tell your whole community about your welcoming culture and then stick to it!

The Welcome Pledge – helping to grow sports participation

I will do all I can to:

1. smile at everybody I meet at (name of club/centre/deliverer)

2. greet anybody who appears to be new or does not seem to feel at home

3. encourage my colleagues to be as welcoming as they can be

4. learn from other welcoming people and places

5. influence, where I can, how we run name and make it a more welcoming place

6. focus on the things I CAN do to make people feel welcome and not what I CANNOT


7.         celebrate and learn from our successes in making name a welcoming place

8.          Celebrate and learn from our failures in making name a welcoming place


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