How your Governing of Sport

Workshops and mentoring programme

The Ivor Preece Centre, Broadstreet RFC, Coventry, CV3 2AY

13th October – How to market your NBG better in a connected world

10th November – Growing your NGB’s income through sponsorship and other revenue streams

National Governing Bodies of sport (NGBs) are facing strong challenges in order to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and demanding market. How to attract new members and users and retain the existing ones, become a hub of the community, grow sponsorship revenue, increase media coverage, benefit from new technology and introduce new revenue streams…are all pressing concerns.

Life is changing and providers and bodies within community sport have to change with it.

So how do we deliver great, sustainable community sport without compromising your sporting and community objectives? How do we provide great customer experiences and grow participation while at the same time meeting the strategic objectives of external partners and funders, whether they are from within sport or from health, regeneration or community services? How do we engage the local community and promote community leadership and play our part of the fabric of our local communities? How do we develop and deliver an innovative range of sporting opportunities, attracting people of all ages and abilities?

This is putting increasing pressure on NGBs to innovate, adapt, become more enterprising and then they can improve the way they operate, do their marketing and grow their income.

The programme comprises two strands and each strand includes:

  •  5-hour interactive workshop
  • Tools and templates to be used in follow-up
  • 3 months online/telephone remote mentoring/support from Svend Elkjaer of SMN

The workshops run from 10.00am – 5.00pm:

13th October – How to market your NBG better in a connected world

This workshop covers how to use social and mobile media to communicate with members, sponsors and supporters. Participants will be introduced to SMN’s unique tool 4COM: Linking up COMmunity, COMmunication, welCOMing and COMputers which enables them to connect all their promotional activities. They will learn how to develop Partnership Promotions with external non-sport partners from the Police to Housing Associations.

 NGBs who attend this workshop will understand how a higher profile will help them to attract more members, volunteers, supporters and sponsors. They will also learn how they can attract more support for their various events and projects by telling the world about the good work they do.

10th November – Growing your NGB’s income through sponsorship and other revenue streams

NGBs need to balance their objectives with the different ways of financing them and your SGB as a whole. You also need to get away from a mentality of asking/begging for money to earning your income – from unsustainable fund-raising to sustainable income generation.

‘Sustainable income’ is not simply a question of getting better at fundraising or locating one ever-lasting source of income.
Sustainable income is about exploring income opportunities across a spectrum of funding streams; from charitable donations, through to grants, service level agreements and contracts, sponsorship, to social enterprise activity, trading goods and services. This not only spreads risk, but ensures that your NGB is best placed to take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities and are able to safeguard your financial future.

More than just workshops:

Apart from being introduced to the latest thoughts, tools and to-dos, participants will also benefit from   3 months online/telephone remote mentoring/support from Svend Elkjaer of SMN. This will help them to achieve maximum impact and benefit from their participation.

About the presenter

Holding a Master in Business Administration, MBA, Svend founded the Sports Marketing Network (SMN) in 2005 for people involved with the commercial, community and marketing issues across all sports, be it club, governing body, CSP, local authority or private sports deliverer.

Over the last eight years, more than 4,000 sports providers have benefitted from SMN’s services attending our workshops and presentations, being mentored or receiving consultancy. SMN has also advised, consulted and trained a number of organisations and public bodies including the RFU, FA, Sport England, Amateur Swimming Association, British Gymnastics, Sport Wales, Football Association Wales, England Athletics, sportscotland, etc.

To book your place(s) contact Sports Marketing Network on 01432 326 660 or email


Book 2 places and pay only £95.00 for the second place. You can book one place at each workshop, or mix and match, as you please. For further information, please get in touch.

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