Cricketer Martin Guptill proves that determination and belief can overcome many obstacles

New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill nearly broke the world record for the fastest one-day international fifty going ballistic with the willow, smashing 93 from 30 balls and smashed Sri Lanka into submission as New Zealand took just 8.2 overs to claim the second one-day international by 10 wickets in Christchurch on Monday.

Martin Guptill

We all saw what a fantastic knock Guptill played but most of the cricket world perhaps wouldn’t know that Guptill almost gave up cricket when he was a kid due to an unfortunate accident. At the age of 13, Guptill’s left foot came under a fork-lift truck. As a result, three of his smaller toes were amputated to save his life.

The Kiwi opener’s father, Peter Guptill still recalls the incident with much horror, “When he was about 13, he had an accident at work. His foot was crushed with a fork hoist. They tried to repair it, in the end they had to amputate three toes.”

Guptill, later, himself confessed that it was the worst pain that he’s ever felt in his life.

However, that didn’t stop the Kiwi teenager.

“When he realised he could walk and do everything again he got right back into it, even harder than before. I think he realised in a flash everything could be lost so he’s making the most if it”, said his father, “It made him more determined.”

Martin Guptill's toes

You try and bat for hours on end with a left foot like this one above!

The near loss of life made Guptill work harder at his game and he did it with a sense of humour. Since his accident, he nicknamed himself as “Two Toes”.

The nickname has stuck and his latest achievement has proved yet again that no disability is big enough to stop anyone from achieving glory in life. All you need is strong determination and belief and that’s exactly what sports is all about.

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